Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is a song by Larue called Someday that I think was originally written about praying and waiting for your mate but I find it encouraging and comforting as I wait for my child or children.

I don't know if you're near of far away
But I know that I'm thinking of you today
I don't know if I even know your name
But I know that I'm praying for you just the same

Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mine and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure

Then I'll need you, and I'll want you
And I'll find you someday
Then I'll love you, then I'll hold you
And I'll be with you always

Our love will be so strong and pure
You will make me feel like I have never felt before
You will be perfect only for me
You will make these eyes begin to see

Someday we'll fall in love
You'll be mine and I will be yours
Our hearts will be one
And our love will ever endure

Your faith for the Lord will be strong
Even though the wait is long
And though I'm young I still believe
That you're out there praying for me

Long time.........No blog.

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to blog. This is for my Aunt Lisa. Thanks for reminding me! At this stage very little excitement happens so there isn't much for me to write. Since I last blogged we have met our adoption consultant over the phone. Her name is Lisa and she lives in Michigan (I think) where our agency is located but she has lived in Washington before which I thought was a neat arrangement because most of their adoption applicants are from Michigan but we are not so it was nice to talk to someone familiar with the area. So far she has been incredibly helpful and follows-up very well which I appreciate. We have been waiting for our home study to be completed so we can continue along and we just received the draft so we should receive the final copy soon. That means progress! We just have one more document needed for our initial packet and then we can have it apostilled (certified) in Olympia and sent to Russia for review. We will need to pay our balance due to make it happen so we are working that out. When that is done I will really be feeling great knowing that things are really moving. So I will let you know as soon as that happens. Most of the documents weren't too hard to obtain but some were very difficult like my medial documents. My new doctor just wasn't listening to my directions and examples and I had to go back four times! The last time I broke down. The lady at the desk calmed me down and got it completed immediately. THank goodness! Now we are on to our second set of docs which will be supporting documents to the initial packet. I will post a picture soon of all the documents. You will be amazed. It is just crazy, but I guess necessary.

In the other areas of our lives we are doing well. Joey is working on getting his new business Sovereign Cycles up and running and I have a career change headed my way. As of Feb. 1st I will be a full-time real estate agent and no longer working in the office. This is very exciting and very scary also. Financially terrifying! However, I am very confident in my abilities and God's plan so I am at peace in trusting Him. I am finally starting to catch on to His plan I think. I was thankful for this job when I first started working there. It is a wonderful environment and I was able to use all my skills and I have wonderful bosses, but I wasn't quite sure why real estate. I never had any intention of being a realtor. But now I have a large interest in it! It is quite fascinating and I am excited to start serving. Once God placed the adoption on my heart and then real estate I can see how it works. Being a realtor will allow me a flexible schedule that I can work from home so I can be with my child/children. That makes me very happy. Brittany and I are also starting a mini-business for extra income called Heritage Makers.

Other than that we have been extremely busy with the holidays and all of our January birthdays. Joey and I will both be 30 this month! Aah! Can you believe it? We can't!
We are very excited for this year. We have many milestones we will be reaching 30, 10 years of marriage, becoming parents & world travelers! And we have a new nephew Jackson due in March and my baby brother is graduating in June! Talk about excitement!

Well, that is it for now. I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays and are off to a joyful 2007! I will update sooner this next time. I promise.

P.S. Check out the snow we had today! I love SNOW! This pic is part of our initital packet to be sent to Russia.