Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Girls Night Celebrating Annie's Birthday and almost BIRTH day of Baby Talon!

For Annie's Birthday Emily had called and asked her what she wanted to do. Annie said "Outback & Bingo" so Outback & Bingo it was! We thought it would be fun if Baby Talon decided to come on this exciting night (he is due Aug 29th.) However.......Nope! No baby & NO WINS! Can you believe it? Out of six girls, some of us playing 12 individual cards at a time... none of us won even once!!! Crazy! We did win by enjoying the evening with each other though. :)

My Own Little Goldilocks

The night before last we had quite a scare. I was just getting home from a night out celebrating a friend's birthday and I went upstairs and was shocked to find Mollie's door open and her fan still on. I called down to Joey to let him know as my heart begins to pound. Okay so I really do try to work on the worry thing but all I could think in that moment was about the children that have actually been taken from their bedrooms. But... the door was open. I went to Jones room thinking for sure I would find her there. When Olivia and Jack are over, Mollie always sleeps in Jones room and often now I find her in his bed and normally she has turned on both his music and fan but NEVER at night! I was surprised Joey hadn't heard anything. Actually he did say he heard our baby gate but he thought it was Jones.

So.... I opened the door....no sign of Mollie. This is when I really began to panic. The only other room up there besides the loft (which I could clearly see)was our room. I opened our bedroom door and the lights were off and our turbo fan was on high (we NEVER have it on high because it sounds like a jet engine on high!) And....there she was completely sound a sleep on my side of the bed. I was so relieved to find her and at the same time decided to make a new rule.

From now on Mollie is not allowed to leave her bed until I come get her ( I still have a monitor in her room.) I know it sounds a little strict but she's ONLY 2 1/2 and lately she has been getting up even before me and getting up from naps and such. So... I told her to just say "Moooommmyyy" and I would hear her and come get her. Then when she is a little bit older and I can trust her to come straight to where I am or engage in a safe activity when she gets up, then it will be allowed.

I have to admit though... it was pretty cute!:). And Joey did get a little bit of an earful from me about checking on the kids if he is hearing strange noises at bedtime!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Nostalgia?

I have pretty much been blogging my life in pictures lately as I have been taking pictures and videos constantly! I don't know if it is because summer is wrapping up rapidly, or my children seem to be changing so much each day, or because it is has been only a year since Jones & Molly joined us and now I am sending my oldest baby off to Kindergarten. I can't believe he just turned six and now he is going to be a big Kindergarten boy. I am very excited for him and HE himself is very excited. It will be different around here without him, although we did find out that he is afternoon Kindergarten so our schedule really won't change all that much (that is his normal quiet time.)

Anyway, I don't know the purpose of this post. Check out my zillions of latest blogs and lastly check out this candid picture of this delightfully laughing twosome.

Cute Quote

I hope it is okay with my friend Annie if I share a cute quote she sent me on MySpace. Logan & Jordyn are Annie's children and very good friends of Jones & Mollie.

Logan: "I'm gonna be Indiana Jones for Halloween."

Jordyn: "I'm gonna be Indiana Mollie."

Soccer is Over

Jones first soccer season ended on Thursday. We were so happily surprised that Jones really enjoyed soccer and was actually pretty good at it! This is Jones first organized activity since coming to the United States, actually, probably EVER! He had a wonderful season with Coach Jesse and all his friends as teammates. And for his last game... he scored the last goal for our team! Way to go bud! And THANK YOU FAMILY for being TOTALLY loyal fans!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

At Home Facials


My cousin Jennifer was in town the last few days and we had a lot of fun together. One night we did facials and last night we had a sibling game night. We played Talk Show & Cranium & we ate salad & a baked potato bar. It was fun & yummy! Brandon brought Tiffany and Jameson was introducing us to his new girlfriend Brittney (I am not sure how she spells it yet.) Anyway, Jameson was running late so the rest of us planned for literally over an hour how we could trick them. We initiated Tiffany (well, I wasn't really part of it cause I am not good at it!) in the beginning too. Oh, and Mom & Dad stopped by too!

So the overplanned plan was to go as follows:
1. Jameson & Brittney enter and my sis Brittany greets them.
2. The rest of us smile and shake hands but stay silent.
3. Those that can't keep it up should leave the room (I knew I would be one of them!)
4. I turn on the music "Bust a Move"
5. We casually bob our heads and tap our feet and gradually beginning dancing with more and more enthusiasm until we all take our turn in the center to which we then on cue surround "the new girl"

How did it go? Well...
1. They enter
2. We smile but I for one cannot even look the poor girl in the eye!
3. 4 of us lead the room, I start laughing and water comes out my mouth & nose.
4. I do turn on the music.
5. We do dance! We follow through with the remainder of the plan (except for wussy Jennifer & Joey!) And guess who dances in the middle??? Brittney!!! She passed the test! Way to go girl! And by the way... "Nice to meet you too!"

It was a fun evening of games, eating, and getting to know each other even better. :O

Dad & Olivia

My sis Britt, Mom, & Molls

The Boys


Jameson & Brittney

Brandon & Tiffany

Me & Jen

Summer Fun with Cousins

Monday, August 18, 2008

Free Time!

Wow! I never thought I would be able to say it but I have almost a completely unplanned week! Woo HOO! I have Bunco tonight and Jones last soccer practice Wednesday and last game Thursday and that's it! I can't believe it! I know I will probably be scheduling in play dates and job searching but this feels soooooooooo good. It has been such a busy summer and we are soon heading into a busy school year (our first as a family.)

What will I do with this free time? Hmmm.....ANYTHING I WANT! Actually I have a ton of stuff to accomplish. I have a whole house that has been neglected in the wake of our busyness full of cleaning and projects to be completed. I have women's events for church that need to be planned. I have some things I have been wanting to do with my kiddos that we can finally do too! And take time to make a plan for cleaning, meals, etc... Maybe I can finally convert our office/loft/toy room into just a toy room and maybe we can move the piano out of the dining room & finally create my "Mommy Center" in it's place that I have been waiting for! The garage could get cleaned out? My craigslist stuff could get sold? I could spend more time on my knees with Jesus! Wow, I am excited! I don't know how much will actually get done but I am super excited to start checking things off my list and be able to focus more on the most important people in my life: my Savior & my family. :) Aah.

Shortest Job I Ever Held

Well...Many of you know I applied at The Fairgate Inn and was hired to join their catering staff. I have been very excited and very very nervous for the last couple of weeks waiting to start. I was happy to work in an environment surrounded by weddings and events (totally my thing!) but was very nervous having not really worked in a year and having never served before.

I started Saturday. I knew it was going to be a long day because we had Jones' Birthday Party earlier in the day and it was what? 100 degree weather! I absolutely loved serving my tables and preparing the tables for the next morning. I also loved the people, they really were great to work with. The difficult part for me was moving around all the furniture. I wasn't ready for that. I moved 160 chairs and several tables from the gazebo to the side of the house (luckily and angel of co-worker helped me with the tail end of it) and stuff like that. Man! I have so much respect and admiration for those hard workers there! For myself I just don't feel that in this stage, age, and shape of my life that I can handle it. I sound like a wimp but it was literally the hardest work I have ever done and that includes lugging around ovens for Papa Murphy's Events! As a Momma of two that is tired at the end of the day anyway, to just be starting work at 5pm or so and then to serve at weddings and do all the laborious work after the event was just too much for my hours before bed. Maybe if it was in the morning I could do it. It was also hard to be away from my family on "our" weekend night. And I was sooooooooooooooo tired and sooooooooooo sore! Also my swollen leg is still extra swollen. I am learning that at 31 I am not as resilient as I was at 20. Gosh I make it sound like I am so old and weak! Well I am not!!! And I am actually a hard working girl but looking at the money vs. the job in this case, I decided it just wasn't worth it.

I just feel absolutely horrible about quitting. I am dreading calling today. I also have some personal connections there which makes this extra hard. I just have to have the strength to make the decision that is best for my family. Now I start back at square one so I am still open for suggestions as I am back on my part-time job search.