Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Own Little Goldilocks

The night before last we had quite a scare. I was just getting home from a night out celebrating a friend's birthday and I went upstairs and was shocked to find Mollie's door open and her fan still on. I called down to Joey to let him know as my heart begins to pound. Okay so I really do try to work on the worry thing but all I could think in that moment was about the children that have actually been taken from their bedrooms. But... the door was open. I went to Jones room thinking for sure I would find her there. When Olivia and Jack are over, Mollie always sleeps in Jones room and often now I find her in his bed and normally she has turned on both his music and fan but NEVER at night! I was surprised Joey hadn't heard anything. Actually he did say he heard our baby gate but he thought it was Jones.

So.... I opened the door....no sign of Mollie. This is when I really began to panic. The only other room up there besides the loft (which I could clearly see)was our room. I opened our bedroom door and the lights were off and our turbo fan was on high (we NEVER have it on high because it sounds like a jet engine on high!) And....there she was completely sound a sleep on my side of the bed. I was so relieved to find her and at the same time decided to make a new rule.

From now on Mollie is not allowed to leave her bed until I come get her ( I still have a monitor in her room.) I know it sounds a little strict but she's ONLY 2 1/2 and lately she has been getting up even before me and getting up from naps and such. So... I told her to just say "Moooommmyyy" and I would hear her and come get her. Then when she is a little bit older and I can trust her to come straight to where I am or engage in a safe activity when she gets up, then it will be allowed.

I have to admit though... it was pretty cute!:). And Joey did get a little bit of an earful from me about checking on the kids if he is hearing strange noises at bedtime!

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Stephanie said...

That is funny, I find Caleb in our room ALL the time (he has done this ever since he could get out of his bed... we would go in his room and he wouldn't be there and we would find him snuggled up on my side of the bed LOL).

We know he is in our room the minute we go upstairs because the fan is turned off and the door is shut :)