Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sorry I skipped the fun!

Well, I realize I totally skipped all the fun stuff on this blog! I found out on April 4th we are having a little girl!!! A dream come true! We were down to the names Emme & Ruby and then on a quick trip to the beach Joey and I decided on Nola Grace! She will share a middle name with my niece Livi. :)

Today I had another ultrasound and Nola is looking good healthy and is weighing in at the 50th percentile at 1lb 11 ounces. :) Unfortunately we couldn't see her face. She is a bashful girl. Last time she covered her little profile up with her arm and today it was her arm and then completely turning around. She had no problem showing us her beautiful spine & cute little bootie though!

May 31st is my next and I just hope I see her little nose. :) Here's to hopin' and prayin'