Friday, February 04, 2011

A Baby a Real Live Baby!

I had a couple different doctor appointments this week. The first appointment was Monday with the high risk specialist. I was there for an ultrasound and blood test to test for different birth defects and risks. It was a LONG appointment! I took my Mom with me which was kind of fun!
So I saw our little "poptart!" A REAL LIVE moving, kicking, waving baby! That was very exciting to see more than a dot on the screen! Everything looked good- spine, head, abdomen, 2 arms, 2 legs, etc. Measurements came in at right where we should be 11weeks 4 days!

Dr. S was doing her best to get a perfect profile shot for the testing. This proved to be tougher than it seemed. She kept pressing on my body trying to "bounce" the baby. Ouch! She kept saying "C'mon lovey, bounce!" She is a very good doctor, that part was just a little uncomfortable.

Before I left she did inform me that I have a small organized bleed or clot on the left side of my uterus. This does cause more risk for miscarriage but in her words the plan is for it to "resorb" back into my tissue so we should be fine but it is definitely something to be praying about. In the meantime, I am on light duty (rest) and pelvic rest until March 7th at least.

A couple days later on Wednesday I finally met up with Dr. M, my ACTUAL OB doctor! It was so good to see her as I feel like I have already been through so much in the pregnancy without seeing her! She gave me a hug and took lots of extra time with me going over our risks, plans, tests, etc. Exam went well and all looks great!

So to wrap up.......we are doing good and just a few days from scootin' along to trimester 2! We will be praying for this clot to go away and would ask you to pray along with us! :) Next exciting day is March 7th, my next ultra sound where we will hopefully see NO clot but are hoping to see the sex of this baby!