Monday, February 02, 2009

Time with Auntie Kellie

Kellie wasn't able to make it in town for Christmas because of the weather so she & her boyfriend Marcus came down on December 30th. We had a nice evening together.

Marcus & Kel helped Jones put together his Playmobile pirate ship.

"Wii" had a bowling championship. Here is the master at work.

She kicked all of our booties!

Bro & Sis

I almost forgot about Mysterious Ways

Wow, what an amazing experience. I already blogged the story below about how this all came about so I won't bore you with a repeat story. Writing and directing this show was the greatest privilege and pleasure I could have ever asked for. I am so incredibly grateful that God allowed me to serve him in this way. It took so much time and hard work but as those things were sacrificed, I gained creative energy and passion like never before and it was sooooooooooo great to be involved in the arts again!

Our cast & crew involving almost 100 people were all equally fabulous! Everyone did their job and went beyond giving 110%. We had four shows each with it's own set of hiccups but EVERYONE handled each with professionalism & ease! All I can say is way to go!!! The best part was seeing everyone coming together and working so well together. It was great to really get to KNOW people that I didn't before. And the best part was that the Lord met us there and pulled it all together and hearts were moved. I am so thankful for those that came up to me with feedback and stories of how it touched them. I am so thankful that the Lord cast a message that touched hearts! All I can say to Grace, everyone involved, and my sweet Lord Jesus is THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting me with such a task. I look forward to more in the future! OH, and thank you to all who attended despite the weather!

These shots are just from my own camera. David M. took much better pictures that I hope to get a hold of soon.

Annie, Drew, & Talon backstage! Drew played Eli Ashby and Talon played Baby William Reed

Brynna performed in our wonderful children's chorus. Look at this gorgeous pic of her and her Daddy!

Abbey & Tony (AKA: Brad & Liz Reed)

Sierra & Chelsea (AKA: Sophie & Amanda Whitman)

Our AWESOME stage team headed up by Shelley Myers!!!

Backstage...waiting to go on stage....

Our incredible sound tech Alan & outstanding lighting techs- brothers Josh & Tim!

Alan & I in the booth during set change.

Our final curtain call rockin' number!

The amazing acting cast! I miss you guys!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Christmas: The Aftermath

If you could have seen it....woah....big time clean-up was needed...after the snow...Christmas...on the go...presents...

We had to restock the pantry (ran into Gma! :)

Had to eat up the rest of the sweets (in the cleanest way possible)

Had to play with new toys...

...And CLEAN UP!!! My goodness!!! I have never seen such a mess!!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas....

We had a wonderful Christmas and it was great to see everyone! We were spoiled to death and we feel very blessed.

Christmas Eve at Home.

Christmas morning with the Waller side.
Mom & Dad
Gramma Betty

Mr. Handsome

Hollywood here she comes...

Christmas with the Lovelace side.

Jennifer & Jeremy
Molls & Liv
The Beautiful & Kooky Auntie Britt

Mollie spooked us when she woke up from her nap. We didn't know she was up until we saw one of the "carolers" moving!
A "shocking" game (literally)- thanks a lot Uncles!!!

Game time with G-pa

Kidlins-Mol, Liv, Jones & Jack

Tiffy, Bernice, & Bran
Guys- Jer, Joey, & Jer

The Parentals- Uncle Tom, Aunt Lisa, Mom & Dad

Awwhhh...Grandma & Britt (missing a pic of Gramps!)

Jenn, Grandma Alderin, & Jam

Tiff got us each little personalized's Jammer's.

The always adorable Mollie Joy

The hubster & the sister- my BFF's.

Jeremy D., Mommala, & DaddyO

The Lovesters

(S)NO(W) WAY!!!!

WOWZERS! We had quite the snowfall this Christmas season! Surely a December we will never forget. The season was going by as busy as ever and all of a sudden God blessed us with a several day slow down! It was WINTER WONDERFUL! We baked breads, played games, worked on Christmas gifts, played several times in the snow every day, napped by the fire! I will remember it forever! By the fourth day, Joey was beginning to go stir crazy so he took an hour, dug out the car, invited ourselves over to Drew & Annie's, and took a journey there. More winter fun! And who could forget our BEAUTIFUL UNBELIEVABLE WHITE CHRISTMAS. The best Christmas gift ever after the BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS! All of our out of town family made it in and it was just more perfect than any of us could have dreamed. Here's a sampling of our SNOW pics!

Day 1 - Am I mistaken or did Dippin' Dots fall from the sky?

Creepy Picture huh? This was one of our indoor days.

Baking bread! We made raspberry chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, coconut pineapple.

Snow Cones!!! Cheap!


How we found Drew when we arrived...priceless!

Best Buds "Chillin'...."

The "coolest" little girls around.