Saturday, June 06, 2009

Here we go.......March!

Well unfortunately March started out in "Time Out!" Uugh. :(
I found a beautiful princess in my house!

A certain little handsome nephew of mine turned 2!

Silly Little Doll Livi! Remind you of anything?

Trying my best to get a pic with the birthday boy. :)

Mollie & cousin Olivia started taking Hip Hop/Tap classes at Groove Nation.

We started taking care of our adorable friend Lillie on a regular basis. :)Jones & Mommy went on a "date" to see our friend Brynna perform in CYT's "The Music Man."

Cousins :)
We had our Women's Retreat- Dressed for Battle!

We ended March with a little visit to Mulnomah Falls. It was the kids first time there.
Overall? A great month!