Monday, December 27, 2010


After the ER on Friday and Sunday, I saw the hematologist Monday (he was great and switched my medication to "baby safe" blood thinners, Tuesday had another ultrasound (saw a gestational sac! good improvement but still no baby), Wednesday met with a Surgeon (my gallbladder pain is gone. Gotta follow a lowfat diet and going to try to wait until after the pregnancy to operate.) All good news!

Then Christmas and all it's joy, craziness, and wonder! Thank you Lord for the birth of your son! Thank you for our Savior! And thank you for this precious gift you have placed inside of me!

Which brings us to today......12/27/10........another ultrasound. Well, today's ultrasound showed an embryo! My lil' baby WITH a heartbeat! The heartbeat is so important to me as we did not see that last year when I miscarried. Praise the Lord! A healthy baby on the way! I am 6 wk 4days and am due on 8/18! :) Baby's heart rate is 114. :)

I will continue to update as I have info but so far things are looking good! Keep on praying if you think of us! We are just praising God for his faithfulness and favor. :)
Then my email from Sunday.............

Thank you so much for praying and supporting me through...well, EVERYTHING! So I went back to the ER today and waited FOREVER (5 hours!) but finally got some result!

So, bad news first. My lil' troublesome gallstone is still blocking the gallbladder "neck" and I am still in a decent amount of pain. Since it is not moving, I am most likely going to have to have it out. Good news is the surgery isn't bad just slightly risky with my blood thinners and of course pregnancy. I will be calling a surgeon in the morning (they have already contacted him) and we will figure this all out with my OB & my new hemotologist whom I will meet tomorrow. Praying that tomorrow I will also switch to "baby safe" blood thinners.

The GREAT news HCG (baby hormone) has almost doubled so we are on track for a healthy pregnancy. I am assuming I will have a new ultrasound in the next week or so to find out how far along I am!!!

Thank you again for all your prayers! If my family crosses your mind, please continue to pray for the health of this sweet baby we've longed for and of course my upcoming surgery.



This is a copy of my email to family and friends the Saturday before Christmas...........

Please join me in prayer. I don't normally do this and didn't want to facebook details but I would just like to ask you to join me in prayer. I am praying for and believing for a miracle. Would you pray with me over the next couple days???

First of all......I found out this week that....I'm pregnant! :) This is something we have desired for a VERY long time. Had my first pregnancy last year that ended in miscarriage. I am so thankful for this pregnancy. And now for the drama.....

The night before last when I got home from dinner with friends, I started having really bad pain in my upper right quad of my abdomen. I felt really full (which I haven't felt in a long time), very tight, and pain. It just got worse and worse. It went on through the night and I was writhing in pain and shouting and kept both Joey and I up the entire night. There was NO relief. And I was vomitting constantly. I did not want to go in for a few reasons....
1. the kids were sleeping, didn't want to wake them, call someone to watch them, etc...
2. I've heard gas pain can be excruciating and was hoping that was it and it would pass.
3. I am in between insurance although my "first steps" from State is approved I just need to get proof of preganancy in but it is retroactive.

Anyway at 8am we finally called my mom and she came down and watched the kids and advised us to go in, called my doctor and she too said to get right in. We went to the ER and they did lots of tests and ultrasounds. They gave me pain medications and I immediately felt better and the severe pain has not returned.

They think it was a gallbladder attack because I have a few small/average size stones and one is in the neck of the gallbladder blocking which would cause it to not work properly. They can be moved around so he tried but couldn't. It must have moved now though cause I am not in that kind of pain anymore.

Anyway while I was there they tested my pregnancy level (5500) and did an ultrasound. They couldn't see the baby, a sac, or anything so they are not ruling out an ectopic pregnancy.

Before I left, a partner of my doctor called and said normally in this case because the numbers are so high and there is no baby they would consider this an ectopic and prescribe a pill to get rid of it because ectopic can be life threatening. But...........because she knows this is a highly desired pregnancy she said she will wait and wants me to come back into the ER tomorrow (Sunday) to test levels and ultrasound again. Numbers should double and baby should be seen. If not, she wants me to take the pill.

I of course am really not comfortable taking it because I believe in the God of miracles. I want them to FIND the ectopic before I take the pill. I really don't feel like it is ectopic since they did an ultrasound of my upper abdomen, my uterous, and my ovaries. She thinks one of the cysts on my ovaries could be it, but I had her pull up my records from 2007 which showed I already had those cysts.

She said in RARE cases she has seen either a very small baby embedded very closely with high numbers or twins that are showing a higher number but that are still too tiny to see.

So.........I am asking for prayer specifically for today and tomorrow that my numbers would double and the baby/babies would be seen!

As for the gall bladder, I do not have to have it out right now especially since I am pregnant and take coumadin but will probably in the future. I need to be careful what I eat to avoid attacks. Who knew? I didn't even know I had a gall bladder issue except some stones that have never bothered me.

Oh, and just praying that the insurance things goes well even if I lost the baby (it is a pregnancy based insurance) and that my meeting with the hemotoligist getting my medicine transferred to something safe for the baby.


On the night of December 12th, I took a routine pregnancy test. I say routine because I currently take blood thinners which are not safe for a baby so I need to check quite often to make sure I am not pregnant. We have also been struggling with infertility for quite a few years. To read back on that, you can look all the way back to post #1 on this blog.

Back to Dec. 12th, the night before my daughter's birthday I found out......I'm pregnant! I was shocked! I immediately showed Joey and we both felt happy, blessed, scared, and stressed. The next day I began telling family and asking for prayer. I called my doctor in attempt to switch my medications. Last year at this exact same time, I found out I was pregnant (my first), sadly as quickly as it came, it was gone and that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. This was reason #2 for fear.

Well, the week was going fine and then Thursday night.........panic!


Here I am FINALLY writing. I decided that I will use this blog to update on our long awaited miracle of a pregnancy! Lots of stuff happened over the last couple weeks so here we go........

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I want to write!

I want to write! I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to write about. Lord, bring your organization and inspiration. I love writing. It is a new found gift and blessing to me. However, I hardly do unless I am “on assignment.” Why??? Because I feel so discombobulated! I am the kind of woman that is constantly thinking, taking in, forming my beliefs, looking into a deeper meaning for practically ALL things. My head is constantly full of thoughts. I often ask the Lord to please calm my mind and bring it to an idle point so I can focus on Him. I am not the ADD or ADHD type but sometimes my mind makes me feel like that, jumping from one subject to the next.

I write three blogs. THREE. Were you aware of that? Actually I should say, I “created” three blogs because currently I am not writing in any of them. I was really good at one, this one, my family one, until too much time passed. I am such an orderly person, or I strive to be, that I just could not get myself to write here until I was all caught up & in order. However I now realized I am a year behind and that no matter how hard I try (unless that means devoting my 24 hours per day for the next month which I am unwilling to do) I CANNOT catch up.

Therefore today…October 23, 2010 I give myself the grace to start here and now, not pretending that the past year did not happen but moving on because last year was just too fabulous to stop and take the time to write about. I was too busy living! Right? Right? I am going to need you to agree with me here. So herein begins my “clean slate.”

Are you excited? Hopefully you’re thrilled….I’m sure. I could use the motivation. Now what to write…hmmm….what God is doing in my life? Hmmm…well…I have a blog for that called “My Truth.” My current weight loss and goals…Hmmmmm….well I have a blog for that too “By Golly Girl.” How about some straight up current family stats and facts! Yeah! That’s it…… on the lookout for my next post! “Facts & Stats” coming soon to And if the other topics interested you, then you can check them out soon too…….addresses to come as soon as I post. I commit to updating all three! Okay, got a plan. Now the follow through……………………