Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Eventful May!

I had an awesome opportunity (thanks to Dee Dee Anderson) to write the script and co-direct for Katelynne Cox and her first music video. It was an incredible experience. There are much better photos but these are just from my personal camera. This was my first PAID writing/directing job!!! I cannot wait to see the final product which is in the editing process right now. Until then, check out Katelynne on i-tunes or her website at

Jeremy's Birthday Party!

Memorial Day Camping 2009- Beverly Beach

Hubby made a VERY sweet late night snack for two. :)
Daddy & Daughter Hike

Fave Shots of April

April Fool's Day! Anggi & I made Wafer Cookie, Peanut Butter "Chicken Nuggets", Jelly "Ketchup", and Airhead "Peas." The trick was a yummy success!

Great Grandma McFalls Road trip to visit Crazy Auntie Jenn & Uncle Jeremy L. (We missed Uncle Tom & Aunt Lisa!) Britt and I each drove a car with two kids each (we changed it up often) up North to Lynden, WA.

Mollie must have been bored at naptime. I found her "Cozy Bear" mutilated!

Easter Prep

Puzzle time! Puzzles are a gift to MOM!
Do not leave your salad spinner unattended!

3 Stops Easter

The kids and I took a hike in a new place. :)

Steph, Ang, and I took the monkeys to the zoo. :)