Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Little "Odd"

I keep saying that God has promised us this beautiful child growing inside and "against all odds" this little him or her will be born! :)

Dr. called this morning and said all my tests came back normal except I am anemic. This was not a surprise to me as I have struggled in the past with iron deficient anemia. So... on to twice daily constipating iron supplements.....yeah! Anyway, no matter how unpleasant, hopefully this change will add to the health of my baby. I was reading about anemia in pregnancy and the risk in first trimester is basically low birth weight and pre-term labor which is pretty much the risk with almost every other issue I face so...nothing new. Plus we are gonna "nip this problem in the bud" NOW!

Good news is my first appointment was moved up to February 2nd (my Sis-in-law's bday by the way.:) I am really looking forward to "hearing" the heartbeat and talking over all these risks are with my Dr. as well as my unique delivery plan (because of the blood thinners.) I will also have an ultrasound to test for risk of Down Syndrome on January 31st. I am really excited to see my little "poptart!"

So lets add up the "odds":

*34-year-old Mom (as of this coming Saturday! Okay so I haven't hit that 35 mark but still they are giving me extra testing because of my age.)

*Overweight + some

*Clotting disorder (therefore blood thinners)

*Heart shaped Uterus (Septated)

*Previous YEARS of infertility


Wow! BUt isn't it great to say that we serve a God that is bigger and stronger than all these things!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


It's been awhile since I've posted. Not much too talk about. As far as I know our little baby is healthy and things are going well. My morning sickness has increased as is expected. I am 9 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! Baby is the size of a green olive now. :)

My food cravings and aversions have been ever changing. First it was bread and all I could get of it, then it moved on to potatoes. Cereal has been a staple as well as fruit, yogurt, and sour candy. However the rest of my diet varies day to day. I will crave something one day and the next cannot even look at it. I know this is challenging on my family but it is on me as well. Most days, NOTHING sounds good yet if I don't eat something small every few hours........well, then, things can get "pukelicious."

There was no stopping that on Wednesday, Joey and I caught the 24hour flu bug!!! Oh my! It was awful! Not a moment of relief and throwing up all day! Praise the Lord it was gone as soon as it came! We are now feeling much better but of course our muscles are recovering! Ouch!

So.........this leads me to the miscommunication........I have been praying for an UNeventful pregnancy, not eventful! UUgh! Hopefully from here on out it will be UNeventful. I am just teasing anyway, I know God listens to our hearts and there is no miscommunication in prayer. It can be hard to understand sometimes when we pray for one thing and end up with another. We must always trust that God's hand is upon us and he will carry us through whatever we face and whatever was meant to harm us, he will turn to good.

Today is my "Nurse Education" appointment so I am looking forward to that. My first OB appointment is February 4th. I am looking forward to that as well. It is weird to be just having my first appointments after all the drama, Dr. calls, and ultrasounds we've already experienced this pregnancy. Ready to get this ball rolling! :)