Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Little "Odd"

I keep saying that God has promised us this beautiful child growing inside and "against all odds" this little him or her will be born! :)

Dr. called this morning and said all my tests came back normal except I am anemic. This was not a surprise to me as I have struggled in the past with iron deficient anemia. So... on to twice daily constipating iron supplements.....yeah! Anyway, no matter how unpleasant, hopefully this change will add to the health of my baby. I was reading about anemia in pregnancy and the risk in first trimester is basically low birth weight and pre-term labor which is pretty much the risk with almost every other issue I face so...nothing new. Plus we are gonna "nip this problem in the bud" NOW!

Good news is my first appointment was moved up to February 2nd (my Sis-in-law's bday by the way.:) I am really looking forward to "hearing" the heartbeat and talking over all these risks are with my Dr. as well as my unique delivery plan (because of the blood thinners.) I will also have an ultrasound to test for risk of Down Syndrome on January 31st. I am really excited to see my little "poptart!"

So lets add up the "odds":

*34-year-old Mom (as of this coming Saturday! Okay so I haven't hit that 35 mark but still they are giving me extra testing because of my age.)

*Overweight + some

*Clotting disorder (therefore blood thinners)

*Heart shaped Uterus (Septated)

*Previous YEARS of infertility


Wow! BUt isn't it great to say that we serve a God that is bigger and stronger than all these things!!!!!!!!!!


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