Saturday, October 23, 2010

I want to write!

I want to write! I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to write about. Lord, bring your organization and inspiration. I love writing. It is a new found gift and blessing to me. However, I hardly do unless I am “on assignment.” Why??? Because I feel so discombobulated! I am the kind of woman that is constantly thinking, taking in, forming my beliefs, looking into a deeper meaning for practically ALL things. My head is constantly full of thoughts. I often ask the Lord to please calm my mind and bring it to an idle point so I can focus on Him. I am not the ADD or ADHD type but sometimes my mind makes me feel like that, jumping from one subject to the next.

I write three blogs. THREE. Were you aware of that? Actually I should say, I “created” three blogs because currently I am not writing in any of them. I was really good at one, this one, my family one, until too much time passed. I am such an orderly person, or I strive to be, that I just could not get myself to write here until I was all caught up & in order. However I now realized I am a year behind and that no matter how hard I try (unless that means devoting my 24 hours per day for the next month which I am unwilling to do) I CANNOT catch up.

Therefore today…October 23, 2010 I give myself the grace to start here and now, not pretending that the past year did not happen but moving on because last year was just too fabulous to stop and take the time to write about. I was too busy living! Right? Right? I am going to need you to agree with me here. So herein begins my “clean slate.”

Are you excited? Hopefully you’re thrilled….I’m sure. I could use the motivation. Now what to write…hmmm….what God is doing in my life? Hmmm…well…I have a blog for that called “My Truth.” My current weight loss and goals…Hmmmmm….well I have a blog for that too “By Golly Girl.” How about some straight up current family stats and facts! Yeah! That’s it…… on the lookout for my next post! “Facts & Stats” coming soon to And if the other topics interested you, then you can check them out soon too…….addresses to come as soon as I post. I commit to updating all three! Okay, got a plan. Now the follow through……………………