Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fave Shots of April

April Fool's Day! Anggi & I made Wafer Cookie, Peanut Butter "Chicken Nuggets", Jelly "Ketchup", and Airhead "Peas." The trick was a yummy success!

Great Grandma McFalls Road trip to visit Crazy Auntie Jenn & Uncle Jeremy L. (We missed Uncle Tom & Aunt Lisa!) Britt and I each drove a car with two kids each (we changed it up often) up North to Lynden, WA.

Mollie must have been bored at naptime. I found her "Cozy Bear" mutilated!

Easter Prep

Puzzle time! Puzzles are a gift to MOM!
Do not leave your salad spinner unattended!

3 Stops Easter

The kids and I took a hike in a new place. :)

Steph, Ang, and I took the monkeys to the zoo. :)

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