Monday, December 27, 2010


On the night of December 12th, I took a routine pregnancy test. I say routine because I currently take blood thinners which are not safe for a baby so I need to check quite often to make sure I am not pregnant. We have also been struggling with infertility for quite a few years. To read back on that, you can look all the way back to post #1 on this blog.

Back to Dec. 12th, the night before my daughter's birthday I found out......I'm pregnant! I was shocked! I immediately showed Joey and we both felt happy, blessed, scared, and stressed. The next day I began telling family and asking for prayer. I called my doctor in attempt to switch my medications. Last year at this exact same time, I found out I was pregnant (my first), sadly as quickly as it came, it was gone and that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. This was reason #2 for fear.

Well, the week was going fine and then Thursday night.........panic!