Sunday, February 01, 2009

(S)NO(W) WAY!!!!

WOWZERS! We had quite the snowfall this Christmas season! Surely a December we will never forget. The season was going by as busy as ever and all of a sudden God blessed us with a several day slow down! It was WINTER WONDERFUL! We baked breads, played games, worked on Christmas gifts, played several times in the snow every day, napped by the fire! I will remember it forever! By the fourth day, Joey was beginning to go stir crazy so he took an hour, dug out the car, invited ourselves over to Drew & Annie's, and took a journey there. More winter fun! And who could forget our BEAUTIFUL UNBELIEVABLE WHITE CHRISTMAS. The best Christmas gift ever after the BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS! All of our out of town family made it in and it was just more perfect than any of us could have dreamed. Here's a sampling of our SNOW pics!

Day 1 - Am I mistaken or did Dippin' Dots fall from the sky?

Creepy Picture huh? This was one of our indoor days.

Baking bread! We made raspberry chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, coconut pineapple.

Snow Cones!!! Cheap!


How we found Drew when we arrived...priceless!

Best Buds "Chillin'...."

The "coolest" little girls around.

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