Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lincoln City, July 2008

Click to play Lincoln City 2008
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Anggi said...

Wow, Erin that is beautiful. You did a wonderful job putting it together. I have never seen smile box before.

Tami said...

That's neat Er. Great pictures too!! How fun!

Becky said...

That is the coolest thing ever. I LOVE it! What a fun, special should do it EVERY year!! :) I bet your kids had a BLAST too!! Neat book, I've never seen that before...such a great idea.

Stephanie said...

Ahh Erin that was awesome!
You did a great job with it too... I used to have smilebox, but it would crash my computer everytime I tried to use it. Maybe I will try it again, I just loved your book AND that you could put video into it... SO neat!