Thursday, October 19, 2006

Adoption Awareness

Well we had our adoption awareness meeting on Tuesday morning. We went in thinking it was an interview for us and then quickly realized it was more informative orientation style. Basically Irina just shared with us the risks in international adoption and how their process works. It was a 2 hour phone call with A LOT of information. It was great because we were able to ask our questions as well. Thank you to everyone who has been asking us about it. We really appreciate your support.

So, it sounds like our next step will be to set-up a home study with a company licensed in Washington. A home study consists of visits to the home, interviews, pictures of us, our family, house, submitting a floor plan, financial records, medical records, etc. Pretty invasive really but neccessary. We are also in the process of filling out our formal application. We are really trying to get it in with our first chunk of money by Oct. 31st so we can take advantage of the discount they are offering on their fees. Irina also gave us a list of paperwork and documents we can start acquiring. We will need 4 original copies each of our marriage license, and many other documents, plus we need to get our passports, fingerprints, police reports, INS papers, etc.
I stepped away from the meeting like, "Wow, we have to get working!" We definately have a lot to accomplish and of course my goal is to do it as quickly as possible and get this moving. Please be praying that all goes smooth with obtaining our paperwork and that there are no mistakes as mistakes that are discovered at a later time could lead to major heartbreaking set-backs. If you also wouldn't mind praying for finances that would be awesome too. This chunk by Oct. 31st will consist of $600 for admin fee, $350 application fee, and $2500 toward adoption costs. We are blessed with this discount though because that $2500 could have been $4000 if we didn't get in on this discount. Anyway, needless to say- it is already a lot of money plus all the forms that we need to order and we don't have it so just pray that we will find a way. I am really excited because I have had two additional job opportunites that were offered to me this week that I will be working on so praise God! He is already answering prayers. We are also looking into grants and re-financing so we will work it out. God has his hand in the matter. Joey is having more of a difficult time with it I think with him being logically minded. I am more of a dreamer walking on faith and air so we balance each other out. I know that there is reality especially with money but if we look at it that way then yes, it is impossible but God put this in our hearts so I know and believe that there HAS to be a way. With Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

We asked Irina lots of questions about time frames and child preferences etc. The time all depends on the preferences we choose. We are open to either a boy or girl, caucasian, under 2, and any sibling they may have up to age 4. She said that it should move rather quickly then because boys are readily available. After our dossier (all the documents) are sent to Russia to be translated we should receive our referral(a child chosen for us) within about a month and travel plans for the first trip shortly after. The dossier process can take 2-3 months as it also includes the home study but this part is mostly in our control so we are trying to get it done ASAP! I decided to take today and tomorrow off work to really focus on getting the neccessary paperwork ordered and application filled out and such. I also have been so busy that I have really been falling behind on other household and personal goals including my real estate school so I can get my license. We are really conflicted about our preferences because if we say a girl, it will take a long time and we will for sure have a girl. If we say no preference (because we would like to leave it up to God) it feels like we will for sure have a boy because of many more boys being available. So either way we make a choice. Like I said, we don't mind which so I think we will stick with "no preference" and leave it in God's hands.

That's all folks! I wish I had more exciting stuff to share but we are just not at that stage yet. Thank you again so much for your friendship, interest, love, prayer & support.


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