Saturday, May 02, 2009

Various Scenes from January

My Mom treated her girls: Britt, Tiff, and I to "The Color Purple"

Typical Saturday

"Guy Time" Joey & Jones on a hike in the cold.

My Lil' Bro Jameson's Birthday January 11th

Mollie gets a guitar!!! (Her dream!)

Brandon takes the sibs to dinner to fill us in on his plan to ask Tiff to marry him!

Joey's family delivers a very special birthday cake similar to one he had as a child.

Triple Birthday Celebration: Daddy & Hubby January 18th & Me January 22nd

Jones had his teeth fixed. This was extremely traumatic for...MOMMY! I was in tears in the waiting room because I did not know exactly what was happening and what to expect. The work was done well. The anesthesia was the scary part. Jones was writhing around when they put him down which scared me to death and then when he came out he was hysterical and I carried him out without his socks or shoes. I was not happy with our experience but his teeth look great and after 6 silver crowns & four white (because of damage to his teeth from his life in Russia, he was recovered in just an hour or so. It's done! Yeah!


Our birthday dinner with friends.

My kiddos playing "store" before we changed the toy room.

I visited Jones class during his "Star" week and taught them how to create & direct a play. I had fun with his class! I think they enjoyed the visit too.


Ever After said...

I love seeing all your new pics! I'm sorta getting the hang of blogging- it's really fun. I think it might get addicting... :) thanks for your comment on our first post!

Ariel said...

That shot of Mollie with her guitar is SO CUTE. Love love love it!

Poor Jones... Going under is so scary. They put me under once in college and it was so traumatizing! He must have been terrified...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and Jones' teeth look so handsome on him! I love the picture of Steph, John, & Aiden -- my son, the "ham" as usual. Too funny. Cindy

Cassie said...

Thanks for the catch-up! Love the photos and I am inspired at how creative you get with the kiddos! So cool. Miss ya girl!

Stephanie said...

Where have I been that I am just now seeing all of these pictures??? I love them! Love the typical Saturday, you are so cute!