Sunday, November 08, 2009

June '09 - NOV '09


Mr. Vern Waller had a birthday. Bran & Tiff's bridal shower.

THE WEDDING: Brandon & Tiffany June 27th, 2009


Of course we started by celebrating the 4th!

Then we traveled to Cannon Beach for our very first family of four vacation alone. It was only one night long but we experienced all we could. We played at the beach, played a game of Sequence while waiting for our pizza, picked out seashells and rocks, visited the candy store, had a picnic watching the sunset, snuggled in for the night, picked up some coffee, read my Bible in the courtyard, watched an artist blowing glass and picked up some fabric to create a memory! Whew! A wonderful whirlwind!

We had our own boat day on Lacamas Lake. Thanks Mom & Dad for loaning us the boat!

We had a swimming day with friends! SO MUCH FUN! THank you Erica!!!!


The other Lovelaces came for a visit. :)

We went to the fair of course!!! Thank you Mom and Dad!

Jones celebrated his 7th birthday with his favorite bugs, oops I mean buds! :)

Bran & Tiff brought back Moll a souvinier from their honeymoon travels. Isn't it cute?

Can we say "Project Runway" anyone?

We went camping to Lower Falls fun.....

SEPTEMBER started by canning blackberry jam & YUMMY applesauce with Becky & Steph!

Joey made an AMAZING fort for the kiddos (...and me!) We spent HOURS in there!

Mollie "thought" she found a great hiding place. Hee!Hee!

The kiddos had a cousin movie night! Jones sold tickets and popcorn. :) We watched Tinkerbell. It was magical.

Jones made dinner all by himself! It was a delicious curry broccoli casserole! :)

Jones started 1st grade at River Home Link. He attends 2 days a week and the other days are spent schooling at home. Mollie began her pre-preschool homeschooling by baking chocolate chip cookies.

My beautiful Momma celebrated her birthday and guess what she wanted to do? BOWLING! We had a fun night but unfortunately MOM hurt her wrist (it looked scary!) on one of her first turns and couldn't bowl!!! Sorry Mom! I think she had a good time anyway.

And last but not least, Mollie started gymnastics and it turns out she's really really good! AND... the best part is that she LOVES it! In the few short weeks she has been enrolled at VEGA she has learned so much! All her positions- "Pike," "Straddle," and "Tuck" and she has been on the balance beam, trampoline, rings, etc... She is loving it!

And finally: OCTOBER

My Uncle Tom, Aunt Lisa, and cousins Jeremy and Jenn came into town on my Sis's birthday. Happy Birthday Britt! I was so excited for this weekend and had requested time off work and ended up missing everything because I was sick in bed for several days. Totally a bummer.

We enjoyed a FUN "Homeschool Harvest Party" at the Hosszu home. It was Great!

We went to Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch with Grandpa & Grandma Waller and then decorated our pumpkins the next day. :)

And of course for "Wallerween" we took the family tour!

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Stephanie said...

I just saw all this!!!! Love it, wish I had time to comment on every picture. You have a blessed life, love you!