Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Little Girl!

So finally we have some exciting news! We are going to have a little girl! We received the call and email yesterday that a referral was ready for us. She is adorable. Her name is Christina and she is 29 months old. She weighs aprox 24 lbs and is 31 inches tall. She has big blue eyes and chubby cheeks. She did not go to the orphanage until she was 18 months old. She is her birth mom's only child. Her birth mom is 28 years old and no father is unknown. I don't know why she brought Christina to the orphanage but most likely poverty could be the reason. I know the greater reason... Christina was created to be our daughter! Christina can understand picture books and answers simple questions and can say simple words. She knows her shapes and is at her appropriate skill level for her age. She can walk, run, eat, and poop well we are told. We are so excited to meet her. What a blessing. I wasn't even imaging a little girl because I was told more boys are available. This is a dream come true. She has a beautiful pink, black, and white room waiting for her and the funny thing is last week I just bought bedding for that room. Turns out she is not in the home that I posted earlier but she is in the Kotlas area of Arkangelsk. Please be praying for our smooth and safe travel which should be taking place in a week or two for the first visit and be praying for our precious little girl. They are 11 hours ahead. So when we are going to bed we pray for her morning and day and as we wake we pray for her sweet dreams. We are thinking of naming her Mollie Christina. Mollie means "wished for" and Christina (her Russian given name) means "annointed, follower of Christ." Seems fitting, doesn't it? :)


Chris said...

Congratulations! You are about to begin a most exciting adventure!

We are also in Washington and have adopted four older children in Russia.

Where will you be travelling to?
When do you travel?

Chris said...

Ok re-read your post and two of ours are from Kotlas well!!!!!!!

Dmitry is a hoot (probably will be your lawyer there!) email me and we can yak more!


Anonymous said...

congrats! I love to read the blogs, our kids are from Kotlas too!
Nancy (Arkadopt)