Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back to the Present...Happy Birthday Joey & Daddy!

I have to admit. I think I have married the best man EVER. He is always loving. He is an AMAZING father & always MY BEST FRIEND. He leads our household with his quiet loving ways. He encourages me to pursue my dreams and allows me to serve our church in many different way while he takes care of the kiddos. He cooks for our family almost every night, he lets me get out for girl nights as often as I need! Okay, it's starting to sound like I do nothing around here. Let's just say we strike a great balance he & I. He is the absolute love of my life! He is super hardworking, handsome as ever, and all mine ladies! Well, not all mine, he's God's guy too!

For my honey, I pray that God would grant him the deep desires of his heart, all the dreams he holds and that God would bless him ten-fold for the love and care he has given to me, our kids, our families, co-workers, and our friends. I love you Joey!

Happy Birthday also to my incredible Dad
who has always been my hero! He is loyal, protective, and always worked hard to provide for the family. He is a spiritual leader and generous Man of God. He is always ready to step in to rescue or defend. It is amazing to have his love as a Dad but it is equally great to see his love as a Grandpa. I love you Daddy!

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Stephanie said...

LOVE the slide show (I love that song). Happy (late) Birthday Joey and Mr. Lovelace (Jim LOL) :)