Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mollie's Bubble Party

My Sweet sweet little girl is 3-years-old! We celebrated her birthday early to stay further away from Christmas plus Mommy sort of committed to directing the Christmas play at church on Moll's birthday. Her real birthday is December 13th.

We had so much fun! Unfortunately 2 out of the 5 invited couldn't make it. We started by playing games. We popped bubble wrap, made bubble beards, and went outside on a rare sunny December day to blow bubbles! After all that fun we moved inside for presents and bubble cake pops which included candy rubber ducks. Mollie was so blessed by being able to share her birthday party with her friend Brody and cousins Livi & Jack, oh and of course her big brother! We sure missed you Brooklyn & Jordy!!! We'll catch up soon though!


Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Sorry to delete that last post, I wish blogger had an edit button!


Anyways, here is the jist of the post-

You are amazing! You have such a gift for creativity and making people feel special!
What a great idea for a party, and it looks like Mollie had a wonderful time!

I love the jumping picture and Jones with his bubble beard :)

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