Saturday, February 10, 2007

Whew! And Oh No!

So............things are good and things are not so good right now. The good news is we have apostilled (certifying that all our notarized documents are valid) all of the documents required for our dossier (the initial packet to be sent to Russia.) I took it to the post office today and had it overnighted so it should arrive on Monday, one day before the extended deadline. Whew! What a relief! That feels WONDERFUL!

What is not so wonderful is the funds that were supposed to accompany that packet did not so I am not sure if they will process it or not. There is a deadline of 2/13 for everything to be turned in so it can have time to reach Russia and have us registered in a specific region by March 1st. Our agency's accreditation expires that day but history has proven that if we can at least be registered by then, Russia will let us finish our adoption. Our agency is one of 14 left working there which are all expiring. Russia has accepted renewal applications but will not be complete for who knows how long. So the goal was to have everything in so at least we would be in process and not waiting indefinately. All the ways we have of paying for this next group of fees due for that to be processed is not happening. I shouldn't say not happening but delayed. Unfortunately, this deadline does not allow for delays so today we applied for special funding. We will see if it works.

Please stand along side us and pray, pray, pray that some way, some how this comes together by Tuesday. I believe that no matter what stands in our way God will make a way (where there seems to be no way) after all, this was His idea. But if His plan is for us to wait, then we will. So in that case pray for my heart.

Anyway- that is the latest. We are on edge. ????? In the meantime if you have any fundraising ideas that you think could be beneficial for us to raise the rest of our funds that we will need for placement fees, travel, orphanage donations, etc. please let me know. I also just earned my Real Estate License so if anyone needs me for advice or to assist in buying or selling a home. I am here- motivated, trustworthy, & hard working. Thanks for listening. It could be getting exciting soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


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