Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why does there always have to be a but.........?

So our funding was approved through a program that works with our adoption agency for but............ it will not be "funded" until signatures are collected and AAI asks for the money but..........we are approved! So I emailed Lisa our adoption coordinator to see if that approval is enough to send our packet to Russia by tomorrow's (updated) deadline. (What a gift of Love that would be in time for Valentines.)She said she would check into it. PLEASE PRAY! I am praying and hoping and begging that this be enough. After all the bank does work with the agency on this program and they approved us so it's pretty much guaranteed right? I really really do trust God on this and if it is not meant for now it is not meant for now. This was His plan and I believe that nothing I or anyone else can do will interupt that and I believe it will be blessed. But.........right now I feel like I am in a "choose your own adventure" book- Did I send off the dossier on the right day? Should I not have sent it return receipt? Should I have attempted funding elsewhere? Should I have not applied at all and just waited upon the Lord until tomorrow waiting for a miracle just in the nick of time? I don't know. I have to rest in the decisions we have made and the direction we have taken. Oh, Lord please allow this to be gentle on my heart, whatever the outcome. I trust you and I love you and most of all I thank you.

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