Monday, April 21, 2008

Angry Dream

Have you ever woke up from a dream angry? It made me even more angry that I woke up from a dream being angry! But...... it has been a little while now and I am feeling more humorous than angry. Some of you will get a kick out of this one............

So, for some reason my parents were living in an apartment (I think) and it was pretty dim with just pockets of sunshine coming through. At some point in my dream the apartment also seemed to be my Grandpa and Grandma Lovelace's house (probably because I really need to call them :) but it was a long time ago because they still had their blue shag carpet. We were having a party of some sort and for some reason there were a lot of toys and clothes (A LOT!) all throughout the place. (That last part probably comes from me having PILES of clean laundry on the floor in my room that I have been MEANING to fold for about 5 days.)

It was getting late and it was my mom, me, Anggi, and Steph. I am not sure where all of the other key players were. I do however know where my Dad was. In the dream my mom was working on contacting him through British Airways so I am assuming he was traveling to London on business. In my dream it is now 12:45am and I am exhausted beyond belief (this may come from my lack of sleep because of a stinkin' pinched nerve & one sick child in real life.) We are attempting to clean up this mess that is strewn across the floor in every room and turn it into organized groups stored in an assortment of laundry baskets. It is taking FOREVER! Finally the job is complete and I then make the mistake of excusing myself to the ladies room.

To my horror I return and the contents of each and every basket are very neatly aligned in rows and patterns covering every inch of floor throughout the living room, dining room, family room and kitchen! "What the????????" (Yes I did end that sentence with "the" as swearing is not a common language I use.) "Whoooooooo did this?" I say in my most evil voice. And the response I receive is giggling (my mom is off somewhere in a bedroom still trying to get through to the airline.) Well, out of my total exhaustion and speaking through angry hot tears streaming down my face I say "Cleannnnn iiiiiittt uuuuup" in more of a growl than a recognizable tone of voice.

I start frantically trying to clean things up so we can just get home and go to sleep and what do you know? The laundry baskets are missing! So now we are on a hunt to find where Anggi hid them (who can't remember either because she is exhausted as well!) Did I mention it is light outside at 12:45am? (This must come from those unpleasant "white nights" we experienced in Russia!) So we are roaming outside the apartment complex looking for baskets and seeing each passerby as a suspect of basket burglary. Finally we find them and the girls are roaring with laughter and this is when I am so LIVID that I ................wake up.

Sorry girls! I am not mad at you in real life and no it is not some suppressed anger either! Just an off the wall crazy dream. Ever have those? I know sometimes they are painstaking to listen to so I am sorry to pour this one out on your early morning possibly not fully caffeinated brains but I just had to share for those who might share in my.....laughter! (You thought I was going say anger didn't you?)


Molly said...

At first I was thinking you were stinky for not inlcuding me in the dream then I read further and realized that you were mad at them and now I'm glad I'm not in the dream!

Stephanie said...

I have dreams like that too, where I wake up just super mad at the people in my dreams. Or in love with them LOL!