Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If you just believe............

I have been going though the Beth Moore Bible study at church recently called Stepping Up. As I was doing my homework this week it really confirmed to me a thought I had just previous to starting the study. Do I REALLY believe that God can help me to completely overcome my struggles. I mean the day to day things that I feel I continually fight. Up until now, I don't know if I was really truly "beyond a shadow of a doubt" was believing. It is weird. I fully believe it in my head but this one concept on this one subject I realized had never truly made it to my heart. I feel like the windows have been washed and I can see clearly now! There is hope! Just cause I have never truly experience overcoming these things doesn't mean it can't happen! Of course there have been small victories but I mean I want to win the war if you know what I mean! He WILL bring me through! I am so excited to see this all come to fruition. If you have day to day struggles that you continually deal with, I encourage you to really think about it, and pray for help with your belief and then let your imagination go wild with a vision of triumph. I keep imagining myself doing the right thing, making the right choice and I now have a visual of what the outcome could be!

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