Monday, May 19, 2008

He amazes me.

I am so thankful for a God that loves us so much that he takes the time to PROVE to our hearts even when we are showing little faith that He is listening. I have been very overwhelmed and stressed lately. I feel like there is just too much to deal with on a daily basis and keep track of in my mind. Mostly in the areas of work and ministry. There are a lot of opportunities and responsibilities and I have been praying and praying and begging and begging for clear direction.

Well last Thursday after an awesome Bible study time an older woman that I admire came to me and told me that I had been on her heart and in her mind. She said my face continued to appear to her and that God had even drawn her from her sleep to pray for me. At first I was fearful like "What in the world? Am I going to face a horrible tragedy or something? Why in the world is she having to fight so hard for me? Then she calmed my fears and brought me to tears and peace. She said that God had revealed to her that I am stressed and stretched. That I have a hard time saying "No" to people and things when asked of me. She was so right on. She said that God wants me to know... "It is okay to say no. I need to say no to somethings. The time is not right. Right now is not the time for some things." She said to continue to be in prayer and be listening, that God would be bringing clear direction for me.

I can't tell you how grateful I am. To know that He hears me and He really really knows me. I know he knows me but it helps my heart feel and remember that He knows each thought and sees each tear. He makes it His personal mission to be there for us at all times and in all things. No one compares. And I am so thankful for this dear woman to have the boldness in what she heard and saw to come to me and share the love he has for me. Sometimes it actually is more convincing when it comes from another believer other than yourself because Satan can't attack you with thoughts that you made it up or aren't thinking clearly.

I have not received that clear direction yet but I am willing to be patient and to wait. I feel so much more at peace knowing in a deeper way that he is "on" this situation. Thank you my sweet Jesus, my confidant, my best friend.


Stephanie said...

Erin, that is awesome. I have felt like I should say that to you for a long time now, but haven't cause I didn't want to discourage you. You know I dropped hints though LOL!

Anyways, it IS okay to say no, but it's not easy is it?

Love you and am praying for you!

Erin said...

Thanks Steph. :)