Friday, May 09, 2008

SAHM, Full- time Job. HA!

Much more than a full-time job! So today and a few times last week I just happened to glance at the clock around 2:30 and realized I was just sitting down for the first time all day. You see by 2:30 I have already been working for 7 hours without a lunch break and have many more hours to go! I am not complaining I love being a mom but my goodness, it is so much work!

I want to pour into my children as much as I can but those days when I am ONLY focused on them- pre-kindergarten studies with Jones, reading with Mollie, meals, song time, pretend to be an animal time, let's decorate Mother's Day cards time, etc... I would never ever get anything done! I am trying to find balance but right now it is more like they get this full day of me and the next is errands or Bible study or something. I am hoping to give them a little more of me on the running around days and I guess a little less on the others.

Just a thought for the journey... today.


Anggi said...

At noon today I realized that I had spent every moment since I woke up feeding the kids and homeschooling. I hadn't even cleaned or done any laundry. Some days are like that. I am constantly looking for a better balance.

Willow said...

I took a parenting class recently from a very very wise couple who have raised three godly children. She would get overwhelmed too and she said her husband would say to her, "Honey if you get NOTHING else done today but you invest in our children that is enough."

I agree. Laundry can wait. :)