Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Writers Block Already

Well, I have thought about writing so many times but just can't get to it! So with all of those topics long gone......hmmmmmmmmmm. I guess I will just update my week. We had a very busy weekend....

** The boys (my hubby, brothers, brother-in-law, friends) won the GRACE GSPN Football Championship again!!! I am so proud of them. That was a lot of fun!

**Mollie is talking up a storm and is so cute and funny!

** I am getting a haircut tomorrow FINALLY and color soon! (Pics for advice soon.)

**Joey's car broke down this morning so I had to get the kiddos up and go rescue him!

**Jones has a fever AGAIN!!!

** I am keeping very busy as usual.

**This weekend should be fun! It is our 11th Anniversary on Sat., Mother's Day on Sunday, and Friday is Married Life Live! I am excited!

Sorry this is boring. Next time I have a burst of writing energy and inspiration I will RUN to the computer before my mommy brain forgets!

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Anggi said...

I love your post. I was telling Steph that I love her random things posts. I like know details and tidbits. I struggle knowing what to write about too! Have fun getting your hair done!