Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hard Habit To Start.

Who knew I would have such a hard time blogging? My goodness, I thought this would be so easy for me as I constantly have thoughts in my head and I enjoy getting it down in writing. I think time sometimes passes too quickly and we are on to the next thought or venture. So, what's been up with me lately...hmmmm.....well I went on our annual camping trip to Beverly Beach. It is usually so fun. We stay in yurts and have campfires with friends and I was soooo excited because it was our first year bringing our kiddos. Well, I became really really sick and pretty much felt like I missed it all and poor Joey had to work extra hard to make up for my slack. But overall, the kids still had a good first experience and LOVED being with their friends everyday and I had one good day in there that made up for all the sickness. I was literally sick from head to toe, well my toes were okay, maybe head to knee?

One night Joey, the kids and I played "catch" with glow sticks. That was my best moment of the trip. It was pitch black and all we could see were the glow necklaces we were wearing and the glow sticks we were throwing. We were all cracking up! I am thankful to have that moment for the memory books. I also did enjoy some good talks with friends around the campfire so it wasn't totally a bust. I just wish I could have been out and more involved. God gave me strength and we packed up on the last day and headed home. We unloaded everything into the house and then........... all fell apart! Joey and I were both throwing up and we could not do much of anything. I was more sick that night then I can ever remember in my whole life. It was amazing the timing, every 20 minutes from 8pm-8am, literally, almost on the dot, I was up puking and other stuff and unlike other sicknesses I have had, there was no relief in between. What in the world? It was horrible. I am sorry. I should have spared the details (really I am, if you only knew...) but the whole reason I am even taking the time to blog is it was a huge part of my life for the last two weeks. In the days following I became a little better each day but I couldn't eat, and still had icky stuff, and needed to sleep. My mom came over and stayed the day with the kids and I which was sooooooo helpful. The next day we were on our own and did okay but the mentally I got sick as well. You know when you physically can't do anything and feel awful then your mind starts to be upset too? But gradually things got better with each day and today I have strength and I can eat (not normally of course because ALMOST EVERYTHING totally grosses me out!) I can care for my kids and start to do stuff around the house. It feels great. It really makes you appreciate being well and really brings me to a new level of prayer for those who deal with chronic illnesses.

Well, that has been my life since my last blog. Now I am in a much better place and just trying to figure out my life and figure out where my "no's" need to go (referring to my old blog- "He Amazes Me".) I had a great talk with an old friend last night and a long one with my sis the day before and I can't tell you how good it feels to share each other's load and burdens. Friends are so important. And it is so good to talk with people who know you and carry a Godly perspective that always points you to Him.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I met little Aiden Lewis Hosszu! What a pleasure! He is such a sweet little man. I was able to meet him in the hospital! Someday I will just have to tell him that I did meet him in the hospital, the catch is it was more than a week after he was born! That will be a funny story! Poor Caleb (Aiden's older brother) broke his little arm pretty bad which is what brought me to the hospital. It was a pleasure to see them both and their parents unfortunately crummy circumstance! Thank you Ang for watching my kiddos! They love your house!

Well that is pretty much me lately. I have been a really deep thinker lately and wrestling with so many thoughts and decisions so I may have some deep thoughts posts coming...


Anggi said...

Thank you for blogging. I know that I get writers block but I am so glad to feel connected with you by seeing pictures or hearing about what is going on in your life. Love ya.

Stephanie said...

It was so good to see you at the hospital. Sorry we weren't more perky ;)

And I am SO happy you are feeling better both mentally and physically!

Love you!