Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mother/Daughter/Sister/Friend Ice Cream Social

As the Events girl at Grace Church, I have the pleasure of planning our Women's events. This was a fun one but unfortunately we were too busy to take many pics. We decorated in bright colors and lots of polka dots. We served ice cream in bright colored bowls and offered syrups & a cherry. At the tables, we used more toppings as centerpieces. On the cupcake tiers we had cupcakes, nuts, mini chocolate chips, and of course sprinkles! Everyone seemed to enjoy it. The stage was left undressed except a few balloons and of course our beautiful women speakers and musicians! The sides the stage were draped in black curtains which we hung bright colored polka- dotted ribbons and signs with Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend written on them (thanks Mom!.)

We enjoyed a duet by my friend Janice & her lovely daughter Maggie on piano & violin. My good friend April sang "In My Daughter's Eyes". My friend & Planning partner Jenna gave a testimony on "family" who can actually be friends and one more friend Sheryl gave the testimony of adopting her beautiful girls from Haiti. My best friend and sis read a section on friendship from the book "Captivating." We showed a movie clip from "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." And of course I MC'd and talked a little. We showed our slide show from retreat which was fun! And awesome Erica A. took care of all our sound & lights. She's such a pro! Overall it was a lovely evening out for girls and women of all ages. I am hoping that they all liked it!

Oh, one more thing:
There was one horrible but kind of laughable now thing that happened. Even though I previewed the "YaYa" clip several times, SOMEHOW I missed the part where the mom says to the daughter "Now you better G**d**m marry that boy!" I was horrified! And you couldn't miss it since there were actually the English subtitles on the screen! I wanted to hide. I apologized profusely and we moved on! What are you gonna do?

The Centerpieces

My Mama

My Sister Brittany & My Niece Olivia


Erica said...

It was fun and very girlie! I'm so glad you've stepped into this roll! You are wonderful at it! I'll keep helping you whenever I can!!

Tami said...

Looks and sounds like fun Er! Wish I could have made it. My brothers graduation was that night. You're so talented at that kind of stuff!! God has given you a special gift!!!!

Stephanie said...

Did I not post?
I did in my head... no seriously, I wonder if I dreamed it cause I would have sworn I posted.

Anyways, it looks like it was such a great time, I wish I would have been able to come. You are so talented!