Thursday, June 19, 2008

Heart Racing Day for Poor Brittany!

One day last week the kids were over at Auntie Britty's and I went to pick them up and when I was there all of a sudden there was a fire in the oven! We were trying to remember what works to put a fire out...baking soda? water? or should we leave it since it is contained in the oven? She was preheating it but some of the previous night's dinner had spilled which is what we think was the cause. We didn't really freak out but then the upper rack caught on fire also and we didn't know if it could explode or what. So I told Britt to ask 911 what to do and I took the kiddos outside (which they loved!) They said they would send someone but shortly after all that the oven began cooling down and the fire was out. Britt cancelled the fire truck but as I have learned in the past, they always still come! Britt answered the door and said "Hey, I cancelled you (jokingly!)" They asked a couple questions and then were leaving and Britt said "Since you are here can the kids take a picture with you?" They agreed and gave the kids badge stickers and let them stand on the truck! You gotta love Firemen!

Then later that evening my poor sis was on her way to my parents and was pulled over for speeding (poor Livi was just potty trained and she HAD to go pee pee!) so she got a ticket! So she had her fix of firemen & police for the day but.....the day was not over.

She went to Mom and Dad's for dinner and guess what? Mom was frying tortillas for tacos (a not so healthy recipe that Mom has made for years! What a treat!) and she had a paper bag and paper towels next the the cooktop (which she has done for years.....) and........GREASE FIRE! Not again! Luckily they put it out pretty quickly. My Sister's poor heart had to many ups and downs that day! And yet...the story is not over.

Soooooo shortly after that my Dad was grating the cheese (and he is a strong man) and he very forcefully grated his thumb!!! Ouch! Okay so we have all done this right? Not right ...this was bad. Mom and Britt said blood was shooting everywhere! So Mom took him to the emergency room where they fixed him up. The put a sheet down on the floor and when they went to clean the wound it bled ALL over! Sooo sick!!! Who knew a thumb could bleed that much.

Anyway, just thought you would get a kick out of this crazy day in my family!


Anonymous said...

Loved the story. Always funny after it's over, but not so funny when it is going on. I would love to hear how your Sis likes the house and neighborhood. (your prior client...Cindy) :)

Stephanie said...

Holy Cow Erin, poor Brittany, I can't imagine going through that all in one day... okay even all in one week!