Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update in Bullets

Well, sorry for my lack of blogging lately. Life again has picked up speed and I have been doing quite a bit.

*I was busy planning and putting together our Mother/Daughter/Sister/Friend ice cream social at church. It is over now so that frees up some time for me which is good cause I have plenty to do! The social went really well. I posted a couple pics.

*My real estate life has picked up and I have a new listing in Lake Pointe. That is good news. It is keeping me busy with open houses and flyer making and such.

*My kiddos are growing and changing every day and Mollie is talking sooo much! They keep me on my toes. Mollie started tumbling with her cousin Olivia so that is super cute and fun. Jones starts soccer this coming week and is on a team with all of his friends- Haley, Logan, Aden, & Ava so that is going to be so much fun to watch. Mom bought him the cutest black and white Adidas track suit at Costco and the awesome part is they match his soccer cleats I bought him for $4 on clearance at Fred Meyer last year! He is going to look like such a little stud!

*As many of you know I am looking for a part-time job and am working on filling out two applications currently. I am just praying that I can find the perfect job that works for our family and provides the income we need.

*I watched my friend Anggi's 4 kiddos yesterday and it was so busy but so great! My sis and her kids came over too! We had a fun time making candy, having a pizza party, going to the park, and watching a movie! And today I was able to go to the park with Stephanie, Tami, and all the kids. It was so nice to be outside in the sunshine and let the kids play and at the same time spend some (sorry it was interrupted by me chasing Mollie girls) with my friends!

So in general....I am a busy busy girl but super happy and loving the sunshine and feeling like life after camping, sickness, and mental overload is finally returning to normal and hopeful!

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