Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh yeah, we got a new car!

I forgot to mention that we have a new car! Kind of a big detail to miss! This is our third Volkswagen Jetta (C'mon what else would we get?) It is a brand new 2008 and it is silver. We have never had a new car so it feels really neat! THe kids love it and Joey is letting it be my car I think. WooHoo! It is a base model so it's not all decked out but it has everything we need including awesome gas mileage (1/2 the reason why we got it!) There is one catch....we didn't buy it...we are leasing it. I am not a fan of leasing and don't feel that it is usually the most responsible decision but in our case and with Joey being an employee it ended up being our most economical choice for us. It is such a contradiction though! It's funny! Poor people (well financially anyway) in a brand new car! Crazy but true! Check it out!

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Stephanie said...

OOOH I love it! Nice!