Monday, September 15, 2008

"Only Hope"

Have you ever been stretched so thin and you need a moment alone with God so bad that you just feel like you are going to burst? I sure do. I often do it to myself. I volunteer for way too much and then try to get by. Each time I get to this place it is a little easier to bear so I do feel like I am learning and growing. The thing is that I can MORE than get by, but not in my own strength.

I often allow myself to get so overwhelmed and half the time it is simply the anticipation. How will I get through this week? I am going to be so tired. How am I going to have time to relax? Time with my family? The fact is usually there is time and I just need to take advantage of it and stop worrying! And I can get through it, I may get tired but oh well. Like I said, I get through it!

Today He met with me. Today he spoke to me and it amazes me how it all came about. For a couple weeks I have been wanting to watch a sad movie because I haven't had a good cry in a long time and honestly sometimes a girl just needs that. I decided I wanted to watch "A Walk to Remember." I only watched it one time before and I had not known the story or what was to come and ended up bawling for 3 straight hours! Looking back I know that probably tied into REALLY needing a good cry? Who knows? It was crazy. Anyway, so I am watching it today by myself and when it got to the part where she sings "Only Hope," I start praising the Lord singing it to him. And then the tears come. Then I am reminded in my spirit of a book about the Lord's love that I have so I grab it and read and it speaks directly into my life about being used as a vessel and how I (we) are vital to His purpose. "You are not unworthy, You are not unprepared. The only thing that could possible hinder you is if your love for me is too small and if so, draw near and I will pour my love out on you." Those are JUST the words I needed to hear which then led to more worship from myself to my "Only Hope", my God & my King. His love is amazing. There is nothing I desire more.


Shelley said...

Oh to be reminded of Him, our only Hope. Thanks for doing such a good (poignant, genuine) job of sharing your heart with us, Erin.

Stephanie said...

Did you know that is one of my fave songs? I love when God speaks like that.

Britt said...

I love you Sis,I am proud of you.