Monday, September 08, 2008

So much to blog, so little time.

Wow, I am behind again. Big surprise I know. That is what a busy lifestyle will do to you. I just thought I would update what has been going on with our family. I think I will do it with bullets to make it easier for me to write and you to read! :)

*Jones started Kindergarten and is really enjoying it. It is great to see him excited to go and riding the bus like a big boy. He LOVES his homework and song book they send home. I am so glad and relieved. I have met his teacher on three separate occasions and she seems very nice. Prune Hill's technology is really awesome. They had some things I have never even heard of, a far step from school of "my day" which really doesn't feel like THAT long ago. His teacher actually wears a high tech microphone around her neck which distributes the sound evenly throughout the room. They also have the really neat overhead projectors (not old school) that can display a book or anything you place under them.

*Jones and Mollie have both begun memorizing verses. Each of our morning devotions include a verse and repeat it for about four days which helps lock it in. Jones has memorized four & Mollie has memorized one. It touches my heart so deeply when they recite them. I will post a video soon cause it is sooo adorable.

*I am working at my Dad's office covering a portion of my brother Brandon's job while he is off traveling Europe for five weeks. He is the Human Resources Manager. This is a huge blessing as it will give us some additional income for a time but it is also stressful trying to fit into our life and find someone to watch the kids. Mom & Britt are really helping.

*Joey is very excited that Football Season along with Fantasy Football has started and this is now the common background noise for me in the evenings.

* Mollie's tantrums are back with a vengeance. She had quite a few "terrible twos" tantrums around 24 months but they nicely faded away. Now we are back with a tougher rougher version. Whew! We are working on that! Time Out Cool Down city for her!!!

*Some of you may know that I am in charge of the Womens Events at Grace and that is about to start up here again. Last year it was only retreat and one summer event. This year there will be several events but the plan is to delegate, delegate, delegate! There is just no way I can head all of it up so I am hoping to have some leaders step up and take on the individual events. Our first meeting is on Thursday. And for any of you that attend Grace, PLEASE feel free to come!!!

* We have a Waller family vacation coming up and we are very excited! We do have to take Jones out of school for three days so hopefully that will work out okay. :)


Stephanie said...

Where are you going on vacation?

I wanna come ;)

Erin said...

The beach :) It was supposed to be Hawaii but we had to turn it down financially :( But it's okay. I love the beach :)