Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Chance Vacation

Last week we took Jones out of school and Joey off of work and went to the beach with Joey's parents. It was so much fun and a great way to end the summer/start the fall. We arrived Wednesday morning and just enjoyed the view of the beach and Kim & Vern said they would watch the kids while they napped so Joey and I could look around, shop, or whatever we wanted to do. That was great! Joey and I ran to Safeway to grab some groceries and then window shopped the home decorating stores.

When we returned we all took the kids to the Seaside Aquarium and fed the sea lions and explored the other sea life. Jones & Mollie colored and Jones held a hermit crab which was a big deal for my cautious little boy. Mollie on the other hand almost dove in with the Octopus!

Jones' teacher said that he could draw pictures throughout our trip to share with the class as his homework. We turned it in yesterday. His teacher said he did a wonderful job presenting! He worked on that and his first picture was of him and Grandpa playing Connect Four. He LOVES that game! He played all the time with any one who would play. We also played a couple mean rounds of Crazy 8's.

We went to Doogers for dinner which was YUMMY besides one little fit from Mollie and then we put the little ones to bed. I had to split them up because they were NOT going to sleep. The adults played a new game called Yahtzee Free For All which ended up being SOOOO fun! Then we went down for a rough first night's sleep.

The next morning Joey and his Dad made a huge breakfast of potatoes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit. It was delicious as was the chicken sandwiches Dad Waller made for dinner!!! Always lot of good cooking with those Waller men!!! After breakfast the guys headed out for golf and the kids and I went with Grandma to the beach! Jones flew his very first kite which was excited. It was almost too windy to even be on the beach but it worked well for the kite until it broke! (Oh well, I bought it for a buck!) We wrote in the sand and tried to build a castle and then the other three (NOT ME) fed the sea gulls! For those of you who don't know, I get a little scared being that close to so many birds.

During naptime, Mom Waller and I worked on the set designs for the Christmas play (she is an AMAZING artist!) and just enjoyed the quiet hours. When the guys came back Joey and I took our kids on a walk to the arcade (which they LOVE) and the carousel and the BESt new little candy store in Seaside called The Buzz (they even sell chocolate covered twinkies which weren't so bad!) The kids had a blast picking out special candy. Mollie wanted chocolate and Jones chose gum band aids. This store had some old favorites like Zots (remember those? They fizz in the middle?) We walked back and had dinner and put the kids to bed. They slept much better and did not have to be separated. The adults played games and headed to a more restful nights sleep.

Overall it was a wonderful relaxing trip. They are a part of World Mark Timeshares so we were able to stay there. It is the BEST place! Lots of bedrooms, clean, right on the beach, right on the main street. It was GREAT! Thanks Mom & Dad Waller! Joey, the kids and I stopped and had some pizza at Fultano's on the way back and played at the arcade there one last time and then we were homeward bound for a busy weekend. Joey took off to Men's retreat as soon as we got back and Britt and the kids came over and stayed the weekend with us. It was a lot of fun. We are just now getting back on schedule. :)

Here are a (okay so more than a few) of my fave pics from the trip:


Willow said...

Looks like so much fun! I have a thing too about birds...I don't like them too close or when a group flies over my head! We were going on a walk yesterday when a huge amount of birds starting flying across the street and I was zig-zagging around trying to avoid getting pooped on with the girls in tow! It is the yuckiest feeling feeling like you might get "hit"! :) Thankfully that didn't happen! :)

Anggi said...

Thanks Erin for the pictures. I am glad you had a good time with your family.