Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the Job

While my brother Brandon is away until October backpacking his way through Europe, I am covering his job. It is such a blessing as it definitely is helping in our financial needs. One day, I had to pop in the office for just about an hour and I had to bring Mollie with me. I was a little worried about her being entertained but as you will see, she did just fine. She was very excited to visit Grandpa and his office staff as well as sit at Uncle Bean's (the way she pronounces Brandon) desk and play dolls with his Blazer bobble heads. I thought these pics and videos were too cute to not post.

P.S. Sorry Brandon! Mollie adjusted one of the bobble's off his base (She broke it.) Oops!!! And we miss you!!!


Anonymous said...

Very very cute and I´m not mad at all! Love you all to pieces!
-Uncle Bran

Stephanie said...

AHHHHH she is soooo cute Erin, I just want to grab her up and hug her!

I LOVE the way she sings and then when she is saying "goodnight girls" SO precious!