Thursday, November 13, 2008

Curious... What keeps your kids busy?

We were organizing our toy bins yesterday and picking toys that we can give away and it just hit me that I am very curious to what other families play with. Do you see anything similar? Do you have any ideas? I did not take a picture of our downstairs small toy basket or our craft closet. And excuse the book mess!!! We are without a proper book case right now.

Dress-up center & the baby box. These are probably the most played with items by Mollie except her little Fun 2 Learn laptop.

The table they play with when they play with the kitchen. (Picture is dim cause the lights were off.)

The kitchen is finally starting to be a big draw for Mollie. It took awhile for her imagination to catch up. They love this but they love it most when an adult plays with them. (Sorry it's dim, I took it with the lights off)

Another favorite toy. They love to jump on the bed before I catch them. (And yes, I took all these pics when my kids were sleeping!)


Jones' closet with guys, cars, Nerf guns, games, all the stuff he loves.

Well, you wouldn't know it, but this is THE most coveted toy in the house. It is the first place Mollie & Livi escape to. They can reach Jones music and fan so they turn it on and climb in his bed and pretend it's naptime. Weird I know but I think they like the independence of doing it all themselves. Plus it's JOnes room and he is soooo cool cause he's six!

Okay so normally in that corner instead of a chair is a little table and chair where Jones plays legos which is one of the greatest inventions ever! He can play for hours!

Jones enjoys caring for his animals. This is how I find them when I turn out his light at night.

The "ottoman" stuff is played with off & on. Mostly on Saturdays when their cousins are here to play with them. It's unfortunate that five minutes after this was cleaned it looked like a gigantic junk drawer!

In this pic, they play with the band stuff and the vet center but not much else. I just can't part with this adorable cube though.

They love their chairs they got from Gpa & Gma last year. They use them to watch movies, play games, build forts, and as a jungle gym!


Willow said...

My girls play with their strolles/shopping carts a lot! The biggest hit around here is often an empty box of whatever the UPS man delivered!

Our books are ALWAYS a mess too! I straighten them every once in a while but we have to keep them high so Mr. Hudson doesn't just clear the shelf of them in about 2 seconds flat!

The cash register and monopoly money have been great fun so far, and the kitchen is getting quite a bit of use as well to play "restaurant". But you are right the "imagination" activities happen better when an adult is involved.

My girls LOVE LOVE to play in the garage right now. :) They will play in there an hour together alone! They like to ride their bikes in a circle and push each other in the stroller. They had Jer's nice bike pump out yesterday and I asked what they were doing with it...Halle told me "drinking fresh air!" :) Not so sure if that is good for you!

Anyways, that what my kids are up to. They have never liked any lego-ish, block toys very much which is a bummer. Maybe when they are older but it is tricky when you have a toddler around :)

Stephanie said...

Hey I was going to call you about this very thing. Would Mollie like a Little People Doll House and Garden to go with it?

I had it in the car for goodwill and I thought of her. It's in great condition, we just don't have anymore girls to play with it.

Erin said...

yes!yes!yes Steph!

Hannah said...

I love their rooms... if I could go back to childhood that would be my dream room... have you thought about getting her a pair of tap shoes?

Cassie said...

You've done a great job decorating and organizing their rooms! Nice to see that there is one messy shelf! ;)