Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrilled and Guilty!

So I have to admit that a lot of attention has been paid to Jones to teach him as much as I could this last year to get him ready for school since arriving from Russia. I work with Mollie too but not NEARLY as often. The other day I was practicing words with Jones and Mollie started naming letters! I decided to pull out the awesome ABC flashcards we have and quiz her. She knew 17!!! I couldn't believe it! She also is recognizing lower case and phonics! I am so proud of her! I can't take the credit, that credit goes to her little purple "Fun 2 Learn" laptop! Let's just say I am increasing the time I take teacher her now! Oh and to celebrate, we pulled out ABC Bingo and we could ALL play!!! It was thrilling!

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Willow said...

This is such an exciting TWO for one learning! :) Halle is doing the same thing!

Two things I've learned that might be of interest to you :) (or not!) :)

Try to teach letters with the uppercase and lowercase together, rather than an uppercase only. That way when you start trying to teach them to read you don't have to stop and reteach lowercase seperately. This is what I had to do with Averi since I taught her her letters from puzzle pieces. Although, they do pick it up pretty quick.

Since Halle has been 2 she walks around the house saying "matt sat on matt". :) Copying, sort of, what Averi was reading that she overheard.

But Halle is actually reading GREAT right now and this happened just in the last couple of weeks. I really love this phonics book called Phonics Pathways (you can get it on amazon and it's not expensive) and you just go through it a page at a time. Halle and I have been doing it for about 10 minutes max since she learned how to blend two letter sounds.

They are little sponges! That is for sure!