Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally sharing our 4th of July on this 25th of July

For our Independence Day celebrations (our kiddos very first) we started by setting off some fireworks the night before. On the actual 4th of July my parents treated us to dinner and a movie. We saw "Kung Fu Panda." This was Mollie's first movie. It was a little challenging to say the least. Mommy did not really get to enjoy it but at least Mollie kept her volume down. Then we went up to my parents to view the fireworks across the city and also watch the "Fort works" from afar. And we also lit some of our own. My kids weren't scared which was great but they were a little too unafraid for my liking. It was absolutely amazing. First of all, driving up Prune Hill to the house was so scary and exciting. There were fireworks going off EVERYWHERE! It felt like a war zone. We kept ducking INSIDE the car! One we were up there the view was spectacular. It was amazing to see fireworks going off from all directions around the city. I wish I could explain it better. It was breathtaking.

The Pre-show

I just love their little feet.

Mollie's First Movie

Grams & Jones

Our Family

Momma, Me, Mollie, & Tiffy (as Mollie calls her.)

Grandpa saving Mollie from herself. She was trying to run into the fireworks.

Brandon and his girl "friend" Tiffany. (Isn't she so cute?)

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