Thursday, July 03, 2008

Soggy Bottom Saga "Wow!"

Mollie is doing so good potty training. She hasn't had an accident in two days! She has a had a diaper on for half the day both days though and I haven't been giving her quite as many drinks cause I was out but I still think she is doing awesome and tonight was the first night she actually took action to run to the potty! When she goes she says "I go potty momma! I win! I win!" It is very cute. I am now stocked and ready to go with "Roaring Waters." She likes regular water but won't drink nearly as much. Those "Roaring Waters" are awesome, my kids call it juice.

And since I am talking about how cute she is I will tell you some other cute things. This morning we were just getting ready to leave for the grocery store and she said "You cute Momma." It was adorable and then she wanted kisses. Then tonight Uncle Brandon taught her how to say "That's crazy man", It is ADORABLE with her lisp!

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Stephanie said...

How are things going lately with the potty training?