Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sock Puppets!

Britt's kiddos were over last Friday and we made sock puppets! The little kids lost interest pretty early so AuntieMommy finished up! I know they don't look enthused but they really did enjoy them. I just love Jack's. We made the hat and sweater out of a sock. I wish you could see the detail. It looks like a hat that he actually owns. Just in case you are wondering when Britt & I are with the four kids (two kids each) we are each called different things. I am AuntieMommy because I was an Auntie before a Mommy. Brittany (my sister) is MommyAuntie because she was first a Mommy & then an Auntie. The kids haven't really caught on so it is really just nicknames for ourselves. We are always saying things like "Let Mommy, I mean Auntie help you with that" which is where the joke started.

Sock Jack

Sock Mollie

Sock Livi

Sock Lion by Jones


My 5 Boyz said...

Those are SO cute!!!I think Jack's is my favorite one ;) But the Lion is pretty creative too.
Good job mommies!!

Tami said...

Those are really cute Erin!! How fun! Don't show my kids, our sock puppets were NOT that cute!! Can you say old sock and sharpie!!

Stephanie said...

I am with Tami, the last time we made sock puppets it was with a sharpie LOL! We need to come to your house for a lesson. Those are the cutest sock puppets I have ever seen!