Friday, July 25, 2008

Jones started soccer and is doing so well. He loves it! This is his first organized activity. He asks me everyday "Mom, do I have soccer today?" He is always anticipating his next practice or game. And I know I am partial but I have to say... HE IS PRETTY STINKIN' GOOD!!! He is a very fast runner and he does very good turning the ball around and is aggressive enough to get the ball and follow it to the goal! He is so cute when he is running and focused. He sticks his tongue out and is always smiling. He has the benefit of being on a team with many of his good friends Aden, Logan, Haley, and Ava, and of course Coach Jesse and has had the pleasure of making new friends with Kaden, Sawyer, Faith, and Asst. Coach Mark. And our cheering section- WOW! What can I say? It is amazing. We always have tons there with all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc... We are so thankful for our supportive family. Jones of course just adores the attention. I think his only major challenge is keeping his focus on the game instead of wrestling around with those Bonife boys or flirting with those girls!!!

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