Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Soggy Bottom Saga "Punky Brewster"

So we started potty training Mollie on Sunday evening. I had very high hopes as we played around with the idea a few months ago and she was very excited and seemed to catch on. Unfortunately at that time, Mommy had a super full plate and could not add potty training and extra patience to the mix.

This time I think she is confused. She keeps sitting on the potty and then goes pee pee or poo poo when she gets up!!! This makes me crazy. I know, I know. Stay calm, cool, collected, and positive. I AM TRYING! I feel we have set her up for success by bringing the potty into an open and easily accessible space, providing her with Capri Sun "Roaring Waters" to drink, and chocolate (her FAVORITE thing in the world) and cheering as a reward. Today the score is 3-7. 3 Successes and 7 oopsies! I am hopeful for a better outcome in the coming days and weeks.

Our biggest obstacle is her panties. They don't come in her size so I am going to have to special order expensive ones online- uugh or hire a seamstress. Right now I am using everything we have hence the nickname of "Punky Brewster." Anything that fits her waste is what I will use so in place of panties she is wearing shorts, one pair of too big panties, and several pajama bottoms. I am posting some of the adorable pics of her mismatched outfits. Since we were mismatching tops & bottoms, we might as well throw in socks & baby legs as well. This is the other reason for "Punky Brewster" - accidents!

"Thaths my pink potty!" Mollie says strongly.


Tami said...

Have you tried boy underwear? They may fit her better. I have size 2-3T if you want to try them before buying them.

Molly said...

Erin if we are talking just taking in the sides then send the undies to my house and I zip them through my sewing machine.

Erin said...

Thank you Mollie! I will totally take you up on that! Well actually I already did! Thanks for going to Walmart to help me pick them out!

Erin said...

Mollie and I opened the boy underwear and they ended up being HUGE. I have heard that before though so I wonder if something changed?

Stephanie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Mollie and Joey, that is just adorable you should make it black and white and put it on your wall. Seriously, SO cute!

Willow said...

Pottytraining! One of the most exhausting jobs for a mommy! I know there are a million and a half methods out there but two things that came to mind after I read your post: I heard (I think on Dr. Phil a while back) that "rehearsing" is really important right after an accident. That you should walk to them the potty TEN times - not by the way as a punishment, but rather as an "oops! let's train your body to remember where the toilet is!". That this creates some sort of muscle memory since never before have they had to stop what they we doing and 'go somewhere' before they went pee!:)

Also, with Halle she seem REALLY ready and so we gave it a shot...a couple accidents later and after I cleaned up poop on our patio I decided to take a break. I was just going to try again in a week but three days later she begged me to try again. THAT is when it worked! Don't feel just because you started you have to finish the job! We all know mommy's who pottytrained for six months straight and I personally think that sounds exhausting and unnecessary! :)

Lastly - have you tried "under-roos"??? Oops, not everyone calls them that! Diaper covers or bloomers? The ones that come with dresses? Halle sometimes in an effort to define her own sense of style chooses to wear those instead of panties! A bit bunchy but I'm sure Olivia has a million in smaller sizes and can't be any bunchier than a diaper!

Happy potty-training!

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