Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My PERFECT weekend.

This past weekend was so beautiful. I had no normal Saturday responsibilities and so we decided to vacation at home. It was the first morning in months that all four of us could get up and NO ONE had to be anywhere. It was heavenly....

We woke up and made Mickey Mouse pancakes and then headed to Lacamas Lake Park to play. We took a HOT hike. Maybe not the best decision in the 95-100 degree weather we were having but we had fun. We fed the ducks, looked at the waterfall, and Mollie decided to take a little dunk. Oops! Daddy had to pull her out by her toes. Lesson learned.

Breakfast & Our own church in the park.

Ready to get wet!

Playing in Grandpa & Grandma Waller's Backyard

Family Movie & Picnic Dinner

Making a Giant Cookie

Pizookie to end the weekend (for those that don't know- it's hot cookie w/ice cream)

Sunday Night we began potty training (these were the smallest panties I could find!)


Stephanie said...

What an amazing day!!! And I can't believe she went in the water LOL, that is too funny!

Willow said...

Awesome! I am so passionate about preserving family time! I think our kids benefit from it endlessly and in our good intentions (at least for ourselves!) we so often don't leave any time for it! My goal is to have at least one weekend day FOREVER we devote to our family! And to not overschedule ourselves during the week either! Can't tell you how many stressed out mommy's I see that live in their cars - kids, I'm learning, need more home time then violin or soccer! :) I'm praying that I don't forget that as they all grow and look so darn cute in their little uniforms! :)