Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On October 14th Jones celebrated his 1st "Spiritual Birthday." One year ago he asked Jesus in his heart so we wanted to celebrate in a special way. We had cupcakes and we took Jones to Build-a-Bear. Mollie had just gone for the first time and Jones was really wanting an experience of his own. He also had some money in his piggy bank that we told him he could use some of and he had earned all of his "Nice Beans" (you can refer back a few posts for the definition.) He had a wonderful time. He just had to have the Moose which ended up being a difficult wardrobe challenge so he ended up with a skateboard and ill fitting helment and elbow/knee pads. He named him "Fuzzy" so not only did we go to Build-a-Moose? But we now have "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Moose?"


Willow said...

Love this...that is one thing that I want to do for my kids is to celebrate the yearly anniversary of their decision to accept Jesus as Lord of their lives. This is truly the most important day of Jones' life and it is fitting that it receives the attention it deserves! :) I think many Christian parents treat salvation like something to just breathe a sigh of relief over or something to check off the "list" and in reality it is a decision has a starting point and needs to be "remade", in a way, daily. I love that his salvation gets continued focus and celebration; what a blessing for Jones too to be reminded about the most important decision he will ever make!

Stephanie said...

Okay that is such a neat idea and I love it!
I have written down somewhere, the day that Brynna was saved, but I don't know it off the top of my head.
I know it would be really special though to celebrate it each year.

Funny too about the moose! We have a huge cat from there that doesn't fit into the normal build a bear clothes. You would think that they would make the clothes to fit ALL the types of animals they make!