Monday, October 13, 2008

Health Room Again... Uuugh.

Soooo, I don't remember if I shared before but Jones was in the health room a couple weeks ago after giving himself a gigantic hickey on his arm. The note from the nurse said "washed with cold water and talked to him about "bruises." I figured if he had time to do that in class, there were probably some other behavioral issues that day as well. Luckily Jones was up front and honest about them and I was able to apologize to the teacher before she was able to talk to me. She actually emailed that she hadn't had time to call and that she was glad Jones had talked to us. She said the following day was much better.

All that to say, oh no, health room again. This time however it was legit. I first noticed him dodging my glances immediately as he got off the bus and spots of blood on his shirt and hand. I asked him if he was hurt and he told me that he accidentally crashed into someone playing ball. I explained to him that is a very a common injury and Daddy, Mollie, and I have all suffered from a swollen lip. I told him I was sorry that he was hurt. He looks like he has a permanent kissy face. I had to take a picture of course which he wasn't happy about but I informed him that he would appreciate it someday.

Wow, though, you should hear him slurping. He is acting like he can't move his mouth. Those of you that know me well are probably getting a kick out of my misery and are finding it quite humorous that I have to listen to this slurping because of my aversion to the sound! For those of you that haven't heard, I was traumatized in Elementary school by having to sit right next to a girl with a retainer whose constant sipping and slurping of saliva about drove me INSANE!


Anggi said...

You make me laugh!

Stephanie said...

Poor guy!!!

And the slurping thing? Well Brynna had a loose tooth and was slurping all morning one day... finally I looked at her and did it back to her a bunch of times. She agreed that it was annoying and stopped LOL!

Erin said...

Thanks for the advice Steph!

Shelley said...

i had to!