Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Whatever Wacky Wednesday! Whatever!

So...this short day Wednesdays in the Camas School district is kicking my booty! I feel like a HORRIBLE Mom! I cannot get used to the Wednesdays! Today was the second time I forgot! The first time was the second week of school and I wasn't the only one. I ran him up to school so fast! This time was no excuse! Uugh. I actually kept him home this time because he has had a bad cold and cough.

Oh, and it just happens to fall on a "good mom" day. Do you ever have those? You know what I am talking about? This is about every other day or so for me. Good Mom, Bad Mom, Good Mom, Bad Mom, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. I should say it was a "day without guilt," from losing my patience, being on the computer, running too many errands, etc. We had a wonderful morning despite our abrupt wake-up from Mollie. She went to bed super late last night because we were at my parents celebrating my brother coming home from Europe but it didn't matter, she was still up singing and talking by 7:30am. I was sooo tired cause I had coffee last night (big mistake) so I was up extra late. I ignored her. She grew quiet and I thought I heard our stairway gate but then I heard her in her room again. I decided to get up and go and lay down with her. Jones came in shortly after letting me know Mollie had already been in his room and woke him up! Aah!

So bad start but once I accepted the fact that we were GOING to get up things got better. We ate a good breakfast, colored, learned some new words, did our devotion, sang songs, and Jones learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Woo Hoo! I even was video taping and Jones said "Is it time for the bus?" and I said "Nope Bud, we have 10 more minutes and then lunch before bus stop time." Wow, how IRONIC! We were out playing the same time the bus came to pick up the other kids and we didn't even know!

After kicking myself several times, I have put this into perspective and have decided that in the grand scheme of life, missing a two hour day of Kindergarten and suffering humiliation for a short phone call reminder from school is just not THAT big of deal to be stressing about. So I am taking God's advice on this one and applying grace. I know he would give me grace, so I will follow his lead and give it to myself as well. Grace to be human, grace to be a "pretty good" Mom, & grace to be an imperfect representation of a perfect God.


Stephanie said...

Wednesdays always screw me up too!
Seriously I think they screw up Brynna as well... her routine is messed up!

I am glad you are giving yourself grace though... that is HUGE as a mother and something that we dont' give ourselves enough of!

Love you and MISS you like crazy (now I have that song in my head... I miss ya like crazy) ;)

Erin said...

Now I have that song in my head too!

Tami said...

Thanks a lot Steph, now I do!!

I actually LOVE Wednesday's! I feel like we have time to leasurely enjoy our evening. Now that we are going to a church that has Wednesday night service, the early release day is extra helpful! That would be hard though with afternoon kind. You start earlier and get out earlier. At least we just have the afternoon time different. I'm glad to hear that you are giving yourself grace. Remember to do that from time to time :)