Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So......we are getting ORGANIZED around here!

Ever since Jones started school he has been coming home and claiming that he is bored. I think the fact that are mornings our pretty scheduled with usual routines, devotions and such, then he goes to school where time is alotted to many different subjects and activities, by the time he gets home, he has no idea what to do with himself. I was thinking that he would enjoy the free time but he really doesn't. I have been encouraging him to play in his room and think creatively with his toys but lately I almost have to force him.

So what we have done is create responsibility charts for each child. They are filled with activities that we normally do each day anyway but the kids really feel accomplished as they check off each one in their mind. These activities include: morning routine (making bed, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc.), devotions, best friend time (thank you Willow!) with sibling, quiet playtime in room, chores, study time (could be additional Bible study type, cooking, learning outside, science projects, etc.), and night routine (reverse of morning.) Jones receives a sticker if he completes six out of seven and Mollie if she completes three out of four. The kids are loving getting a sticker a day for a job well done. They are also rewarded at the end of the week depending on the number of stickers earned.

We have also created "Cool Down Town" where the kids go (mostly Mollie) when emotions are out of control and they can come out in their own time and rejoin the family. "Think City" is more like "Time Out" and Mommy & Daddy determine the time to think about it and when they come out they have to know what they are apologizing for or it's back to think more about it. It is working well along with other disciplines & training. One other that we do is "Nice Beans, Mean Beans" (soon to have a much better name) which Jones earns when he uses kind words toward others or memorizes a new memory verse. He also loses beans if words or attitudes of an unkind nature are used. He has equal beans in each jar to begin with and then can earn them either way. I highly suggested using something much larger than a Jelly Belly bean size to start to build hope & encouragement. When he fills up the nice jar, the reward is great like a special date with Mom or Dad. This last time we went to Build-a-Bear but we were also celebrating other things as well.


Stephanie said...

I love the names you made for everything!

I think the routine pictures are great too, I need to do that for Caleb. He gets really sidetracked and something like that would help a lot!

Erin said...

Yes but everytime I send them to "Cool Down Town" or "Think City" when my sister is here, she cracks up!